10 thoughts on “My wonderful parents will be spending eternity in a Costco urn. Yup! Read about it in my essay on Kveller.com

  1. Hi chickie. LOVED your article..( in fact at the moment I am waffling over sharing it with my 91 yr old mother in law who is at the shore with me..I’ m sure she would enjoy it but I am feeling badly at the moment for upbraiding her for mixing her opiods with heart meds and then complaining that she is constipated!) When did your parents have their awful car accident? Talk about fears realized. Yikes. You are a good daughter. Direct care is rough. Aging sucks bad. Expect Jane & Matt in Avalon after Labor Day. She is feeling stronger and hopeful. Have to go make amends with the g unit. ( Grandmom) xxop ( btw Mark’s plan is to buy a casket from Costco and lease it out.)


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  2. Loved it! I laughed and cried. So lucky you still have your parents and they’re wonderful people too xox

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