7 thoughts on “Hope you enjoy (and relate to) my new post on Grown & Flown… What to Expect When Your Kids are in their 20s

  1. This is fabulous. And so true. (except that Zack still calls me regularly, because I am his best audience, and he lives life as a performance artist.)


  2. Susan- this is your best work EVER!!!!!! I laughed and I cried. It’s a topic painfully close to my heart. I wanted to interrupt you and complain, and share stories it’s so real! I feel a talk show segment coming In your future. Maybe even an invitation to be a commencement speaker? All kidding aside- it’s witty and real! I Loved it! 👍🏼
    PS- the 30s on the other hand, are much better!

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  3. Loved this! Was laughing out loud on the train until my husband had me reading parts aloud. So funny. So true. But all chronicled with love.


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